08 October
hot sales kronenbourg 1664 blanc beer in different sizes bottles/cans  - product's photo
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Hot sales kronenbourg 1664 Blanc Beer in Different Sizes Bottles/Cans

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Company name
Nicolas Trading Co
Product located
Brand name
Kronenbourg 1664 beer
Product features
kronenbourg 1664 Blanc
Product status
Product type
Packed, Inorganic
Shelf life
24 hours
Country original
Product description
Fresh Production. Product size crts/pallet Budvar btls 24x33cl 5,0% 24x33cl 45 Budvar btls 20x50cl 5,0% 20x50cl 45 Budweiser btls 24x33cl 5,0% 24x33cl 54 Pilsner Urquell 4,4% 24x33cl btls 54 Carlsberg Green LN bottle 5,0% 4x6xx33cl 54 Carlsberg Green Label cans 24x50cl 5,0% 24x50cl 72 Carlsberg Green Label .cans 24/33cl. 5,0% shrink wrapped 24x33cl 99 Carlsberg Green Label .cans 4x6x33cl. 5,0% shrink wrapped 4x6x33cl 99 TUBORG Green L.N. bottle 4.6% 24/33cl 24x33cl btls 45 TUBORG Green Lbl cans 4.6% 24/33cl shrink wrapped 24x33cl cans 99 Leffe Dark/Brune OWB 6,5% 24/33cl 72 Leffe Blonde OWB 6,6% Top Fresh stock Kronenbourg Beer Origin: France Shelf Life: 24 M We have Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc for sale directly from our warehouse in Paris. Please contact us with order quantity and destination The famous French premium beer

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